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Chc Funding - How To Pass Assessments

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Barquentine | 14:37 Wed 15th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know how to pass all CHC Funding assessments and be pretty confident it will be awarded? From what I have seen so far it appears to be a total lottery, but there must be a set of right answers to give them to improve one's odds? 



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CAB is very good for this, have you tried them?

in my experience, a high in either the breathing or behaviour categories will do it.

if your person is in a care home then having evidenced inciddence withing the nursing notes helps too.

My job used to be retrospectively assessing CHC claims.  We had around 1500 claims to asses, and from those less than 5 fully qualified, and aa handful partially qualified.  So the odds are low.

you have to ask yourself, does your person need regular (at least several times a day) input from a qualified nurse ie fo interventions that only a qualified person could do? if the answer is no, then they probaby wont be entitled

sorry, when i said "high" i meant priority (or in some cases "severe")

have you seen the decision support tool the assesor will be working from?

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Chc Funding - How To Pass Assessments

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