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Buxus Bushes

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MargoTester | 15:33 Wed 15th May 2024 | Home & Garden
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I have half a dozen buxus bushes in my garden all of which are going green. Can anyone suggest a remedy please. They are mature shrubs which I've trimmed into shapes and I would hate to lose them.



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@^ are going BROWN

It could be a number of things and the treatment will depend on the cause. First thing to do is ensure that the ground under the bushes is clear of debris and dead leaves, the earth turned over to allow light and air in and then to water and feed the bushes. If it is blight or box caterpillars then you have a fight on your hands. 

This site is a good read. Gives you all your options but does try to sell you more buxus plants. We had to rip our hedge out and replant it about 3 years ago, due to blight. Pain in the watsit.

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Thanks Togo, they've all got shingle around them and have done since they were planted but I could tryth

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Oops ... I could try that. Thanks for the link I'll give it a read 👏

A lot of people around where I live are complaining of box tree moth. Is that a possible cause?

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I think it might be some kind of 'blight' as all the bushes have it in the front and back gardens 😢

The box bush moth is the cause of the caterpillars that are the problem Impatiens. 

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Buxus Bushes

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