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You Cannot Be Serious.....

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ToraToraTora | 10:07 Wed 15th May 2024 | News
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Age for sex education to be 9! You mean up to now they've been sexualising younger children? It's right that they should not tell kids they can change sex, ever because they can't but 9 for general sex education? Far to low. What is it about these trobiscites that they can't wait to sexualise our children? Gawd we had 2 one hour sessions in biology when we were 13/14!



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We were never taught anything about the human body. We never had biology lessons at any time during my school years. There was nothing. I mean nothing at all about sex, boys, girls, puberty etc. You only went to school for readin', writin' and riffmetic. How did we ever manage? 😊
12:42 Wed 15th May 2024
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shall we perhaps see what these lessons actually consist of before assuming they're going to be showing them big hairy willies and vulvas...

Kids aged near the end of primary school should be taught about reproduction. In my day, waiting until secondary school years was too late. I'd already looked up such details and learnt nothing from the sex class in addition.


By secondary school age it would have been more appropriate to be given information on what pleases the other sex/gender, as partners reluctant to express what they really want means information on that is added slowly over many years.


However this "gender studies" nonsense needs to be hit squarely on the head. There are clearly two genders (rare intersex individuals being a mix of both) and the pretence that one's erroneous belief that one is that which one clearly isn't, is not a valid reason for trying & failing to make such fantasy a reality. Teaching that it is, needs to be banned. At most one might teach that some folk exist who are deluded in that way, and who need pity & understanding; not to mention guidance regarding not trying to imposing their error on others and expecting it to be catered for.

"I'd already looked up such details "

that's one way of putting it

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10:48, we know, sex education, not appropriate for 9 year olds, end of.

In your mistaken opinion.

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you cannot have a mistaken opinon. It's an opinion others may not agree, that is what an opinion is.

TTT young girls have babies

There were 268 pregnancies of 12 year-old girls, 2,527 of 13 year-olds, 14,777 of 14 year-olds and 45,861 of 15 year-olds. It is not known how many of the pregnancies were carried to full term or aborted, nor how the girls became pregnant so young.

Gawd we had 2 one hour sessions in biology when we were 13/14!

they clearly need more now - Gawd lorks a mercy

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gawd elp us, the brains trust has stirred.

PP //It is not known how many of the pregnancies were carried to full term or aborted, nor how the girls became pregnant so young.//

I think I know the answer to that . 😃

I agree it sounds very young to teach sex education but thr fact remains girls from 10 yrs old can start their periods.. at some date they need to be taught that from then it's possible to become pregnant and what that means.. so, some sort of education leaning that way does need to be taught..

Boys need to understand the same topic. 

what they have now is about right i think, and seems to be what the govt are suggesting with this anyway.

in the last 2 years of PS they let us the parents see what they were going to talk about.  It was very low-level stuff about families, bodies and relationships


the wango tango

PP puts on shocked moddy voice - wango tango, dougie is winging it.  You know there are strict rules enforced with an iron hand against iffy phrases with a lavatorial ( what's lavatorial, miss?) overtones. The whole things stinks. The mods decision is final - and incomprehensible and yes they dont know any foreign languages but dont try that one. 

For example: in this thread about teenage pregnancy any reference about there babies come from ( cabbage patch deffo) will be ruthlessly expunged. Observing that boys should keep their wongos zipped is doomed ! ( girls will find a way even with a zipped wongo).

you have been warned ! - kissy kissy all of you in a chaste, platonic fashion

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abortion and not the pill being the treatment / answer for teenage pregnancy - eek !

(yes I am ROman)

Gullz - you naughty boy - mornin Gullz - VI is worse than jawohl that one of the usual suspects got a caning for. - remember they cant tell "dit is verboden" is obviously Dutch and not german.


the onset of puberty ( menarche) is said to be earlier in this century as a result of phyto oestrogens in the girls' diet

( no you can all look up what phyto estrogens are)

broom sweeps thro teenage pregnancy....

It's also said to be due better nutrition leading to increased BMI:

"Diet is by far the most important factor – medics and psychotherapists both point to better nutrition being the definitive change in children over the past century. Phillip Hodson, fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, says: "The best way not to go into puberty is starvation. Early puberty is about great nutrition, in the classic sense of getting access to good protein, good vitamins and minerals." He underlines that earlier puberty is often accompanied by a commensurate growth in height ...."

It is a fact that malnutrition can delay puberty.

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You Cannot Be Serious.....

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