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Fur Fox Sake

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douglas9401 | 10:10 Wed 15th May 2024 | News
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An old woman has decided that she probably won't need many new clothes going forward so will make do with what she has.

In an unreported statement she said "God, I'm sooo bored".



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Fur enough.

it seems really late to me.  

Question Author

She may have had an epiphany but I'm sure her doctors will reassure her it's not unusual in the post-menopausal.

One would have thought one would have gone for a sustainable option rather than plastic-based alternatives.  Good old greenwash.

I really don't know why this site doesn't create a new 'I hate the British Royal family' category. There is something dissing one of them nearly every day, however thinly disguised. It would attract loads of traffic and you could all join in and wish they all shrivel up and die together. BA to the nastiest death suggested.

Who does buy a new fur coat these days?

She's not old.  She's younger than me.

im with you ellipses.  I'm really sure that the horror about wearing/buying real fur has been growing for at least 20 years, probably  even longer than that.  Saying it now, in 2024 seems really behind the curve to me

maybe it's because im not rich tho :)  perhaps those richer than me HAVE been buying fur coats all this time

Those Rothmans seem to have taken quite a toll

Friend was clearing out her mother-in-law's home after her passing. She had a few fur coats, but even the charity shops would not take them.

I think she is luv-ly and the King loves her

not my queen

Friend and others was clearing out her mother-in-law's home after her passing. She had a few fur coats, but even the charity shops would not take them.

and what did they do with the fur coats - ter aaah

sozza thought this was real and Camilla was clearing her muvvuz in law's house

Drew Pritchard's automaton restorers used an old fur coat to re-cover a mechanical drumming bear. Just sayin'

Never mind her, I reckon we should all condemn those those stone-age morons for killing animals and using their fur/hides/bones etc just to survive. Who do they think they were? No consideration for anyone! 😉

12:23, what country are you in dave?

Do any of them wear fur nowadays anyway? Apart from the ermine on the official gowns and the bit around the crowns I can't really picture it.

Real fur comes from renewable sources. Fake fur comes from oil.

She said 'I won't be buying new fur' in response to a letter from Peta. She didn't announce it as an 'Aren't I good?' statement. 

Incidentally, I tried on a fur coat that had belonged to an old relative of Husband. I looked like a bag lady, and it felt hideous.

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Fur Fox Sake

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