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gulliver1 | 11:21 Wed 15th May 2024 | News
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Immigrant Students arriving in the UK last year and being granted indefinite leave to remain totaled 460.000 and bringing with them 144,000 dependants.Thats a lot of Students. But it's good for the economy say The Tories .Do any Abers agree ?



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No foreign (ex)student should be given indefinite leave to remain after education is done, unless they have a legitimate job offer from an employer who has genuinely tried and failed to find a suitable UK recruit for the position. Otherwise it doesn't benefit the economy to have failed applications living on welfare.


That stated, it seems more the sort of thing Labour would approve of than Conservative. They seem to love the invasion we are experiencing; unless they are just giving that impression while they don't have responsibility to deal with border issues.

It worries me the Starmer is not giving the public a clear and direct plan to stoping the boats.  Much criticism but no obvious alternative.

To be fair perhaps this subject is just too hard to solve.

No, it generally is not good for the economy.

Which TINO has said this though?

No link again to support the accusation.

Nearly half a million degree level educated persons added to the UK workforce, without the UK spending a penny in their upbringing to that level – what’s not to like about it?

Well it depends on the degree and what problems "the dependants" bring with them.

Secondly I'd argue that its not people with degrees we need per se.  We have plenty of them already.

Does that equate to nearly half a million degree level educated people now on tax paid benefits, as the jobs they could have taken were filled by immigrants ? That could be one thing not to like about it.


Then there is the cost of trying to provide all the resources needed to cope with nearly half a million extra people at a time when it isn't easy to find enough for those already here.

I'll look forward to the level of conversation going up at the local kebab shop or carwash.

My company will be hiring thirty or forty Nigerian students later on in the year.Most seem to regard the UK as a nice place to live.Never heard of any taking dependents over though,though i think some would like to take their parents or grand-parents over to stay.

Not being funny, immyf, but just why are 40 Nigerian students being hired? Couldn't your company find any home-grown ones? If not, why, please?

Plenty of unemployed up here in Aberdeen,Jourdain,but they just dont want to work.They get their rent paid,they get £80 a week dole money,they get called in for a review now and again.These people arent just unemployed,they are unemployable.The Nigerians seem to relish working.Can we not send our unemployed Aberdonians out to Nigeria and replace them with Nigerians who have some sort of work ethic?

It's all wrong, isn't it?  Ican't fault your argument. 

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