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'Boil Water' Warning After Confirmed Disease Cases

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naomi24 | 13:23 Wed 15th May 2024 | News
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//Residents across south Devon have been advised to boil their tap water after 16 cases of cryptosporidium were confirmed.

A further 70 suspected cases in Brixham are also being investigated.

The UK Health Security Agency said it was "predominantly a waterborne disease" which caused a diarrhoea-type illness.

Chris Rockey, from South West Water (SWW), said the firm would continue to work with "health professionals and monitor the water".//


Not somethng you read every day in the British media.  Hopefully they'll do a bit more than just monitor the water.



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Shows how low standards are. Or possibly how far they've fallen under private control ?

you'd need to be careful of Windermere too

It's ridiculous that there is actually a body, Ofwat, who  job is to stop these things happening.

Are they the same people who accidentally tipped a lorry load of chemicals into the water supply?

That was some time ago.

never should have been privatised, you need it to survive literally.. shareholder before the populations survival..could not make it up.

Are they the same people who accidentally tipped a lorry load of chemicals into the water supply?

That was some time ago.

It certainly was. and spectacularly badly handled. - the experts hired muttered soothing words, and did not realise that the aluminium was biologically available and absorbed.

and should have.

Enemy of the People ( Ibsen) - the doctor who said it was dangerous ( and looked like the Cookie Monster) was chucked out by his practice for being right

He cut his hair, put on a tie, stopped putting on a staring eyed look, toured the country and complained that he had been fired for  - -  being right


Camelford - very distressing to read again - it was bad enough in real time - -  as all the paid experts stood up and blaaarted for money. And other people ( me) stared at the tv screen and said repeatedly - no - that's not true. and that's not true.


Responsibility, and culpability, are alien words it seems to me.

That's East Devon. I've not heard of anything at this end of the county.  Have certainly not been advised to boil water.

I guess this is the kind of thing that happens if we continually pump untreated sewage into our waterways.

God I thought they were being a bit laid back by their reporting and response

Cryptosporidiosis is caused by Cryptosporidium strains, a parasite classified as emerging pathogens. The organism infects the gastrointestinal epithelium to produce a diarrhea that is self-limited in immunocompetent persons, but potentially life threating in immunocompromised persons (1).

in AB talk:   C is a new bug. It causes diarrhoea and collywobbles but can kill those who have had transplants and other hi-tech treatments.

Like me. and I dont think Cornwall is full of healthy farmers only and not its complement of old infirm and er immunosuppressed.

[I used 'immuno-incompetent in a complaint in 2017 and someone commented, 'Is that a word?' - yup]


Responsibility, and culpability, are alien words it seems to me.

yes yes we will have to form a committee and discuss it - two perhaps ( press relations ctee of course)

You have clearly been watching the P.O Horizon viddies.

[Yesterday: There is  a change from there is not  remote access (yes) to POL cannot access remotely counter data (yes)

is this because you were aware by then Fuji cd., but didnt want to say?

Nooooooo!   Noooooooo! That never crossed my mind]

-- answer removed --

Parallel between the two is : a) large organisation d) disaster c) not recognised and so d) underplayed then e) under-treated ( pun intended) and (f)urther underplayed with with an entirely predictable public relations disaster and g) done it before and not learnt (Camelford)

so the conclusion I invited you to draw is: common badly handled systemic failure

This is not a conclusion too far is it, Dorkbro?

Five mods : yes it is, deffo. This post is near to being deleted for mentioning things lavatorial and nothing else of course. You know we work hard to get threads to .... flow smoothly by judicious and wise deletion ( another pun intended)

oh and responsibility and accountability are alien words in both cases. ( erk forgot that)

Hooray ! thought it woudl be ! pointed out parallels between a systemic failure in South West Water and the systemic parallel in Post  Office

leading to a conclusion that systemic failures were common in British Society- now wonder it went down the can !

Yeah, who'd a thought that crypto currency could do that?

do not eat crypto currency - it may damage your  health !

Little six year old  Ima Furstylad has to walk 6 kilometers a day to collect dirty contaminated water from a filthy puddle for his family to drink. You people in Britain can donate £10 to water aid so that fresh water wells can be bored to supply these villages with clean potable water.

Alternatively you could let little Ima jump on a rubber boat and leave his 3rd world country to come to the UK where he can save himself a daily hike and get dirty,filthy,contaminated water delivered straight from the tap in Devon.Who actually lives in a so called 3rd world country these days.? I reckon we would all be healthier drinking scrumpy,gin and beer.


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'Boil Water' Warning After Confirmed Disease Cases

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