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Problem With Sending Attachment

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tearinghair | 10:44 Wed 15th May 2024 | Computers
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I'm trying to send an email (BT Mail) with an important and quite urgent attachment. I have dragged the document to the email, where it sits quite happily. However, when I click on Send I am getting the message 'we are experiencing issues with this service, please try again later' . It is now in the draft folder and the attachment doesn't seem to be there. I can send a message to myself, so it's not that the whole system isn't working. I'd be very grateful for some advice please.



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Is it a large attachment?

Maybe the issue is with the intended recipient or their e-mail service provider.

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It's two sides of A4, quite closely typed. I could try phoning the recipient, but it will probably entail a long wait in a queue so I'd rather not unless it's essential.

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Went for a walk to calm down. When I came back someone suggested switching off and on again. Why do I never remember to do that? Of course it worked, and everything has been sent.

Many thanks for the advice and apologies for bothering you about something which could be solved so easily. 

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Problem With Sending Attachment

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